Friday, September 23, 2005

Thats another deadline met...

FutureQuake news: This week I’ve been building the Ash-can edition for the give away at Dreddcon next week.

We’ve received a piece of promo art that was meant to be used for issue 5, but it was so nice we’ve decided that it will now be a future cover! When you see it you’ll understand why.

Lost Property: review
This was sent to me by the watchful Ed Berridge and Is a nice review.

I even started on the story that comes after the end of Runaround Robot! This tale will (hopefully) be printed in LP 02, as long as it is finished in time.

In other news, I’ve finished the ‘Destroy All Japs’ strip for Action Stations and I’m starting on the ‘Night to remember’ strip for Loup Garou.

And I’ve also found out a secret about the next issue of Zarjaz!



WoD said...

Secret...what secret....?

WoD said...

And....I love that review...very nice person...and clearly wise and intelligent, probably VERY good looking, has a great future ahead of them....

Anonymous said...

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