Friday, September 30, 2005

Dreddcon tomorrow!

Is it Friday all ready? Blimey. This week has seen the new Yammer cross-over strip get a good start, and I’ve also managed to fully pencil the three pages for a night to remember.

Over on the FutureQuake press stand we’ve finally sorted the covers out and have therefore come up with these two ads (that are part of the Ash-can due to arrive at Dreddcon tomorrow)

Talking of Dreddcon, say hi if you see me (I’ll be wearing my FQ T-shirt) and remember to stop by an collect a copy of Action Stations with a strip by me in it.

I’m also going to be hassling a certain alien editor with my stuff, so I may well be disconsolate on Monday! Wish me luck, It has taken me two years to get the nerve to show again.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Thats another deadline met...

FutureQuake news: This week I’ve been building the Ash-can edition for the give away at Dreddcon next week.

We’ve received a piece of promo art that was meant to be used for issue 5, but it was so nice we’ve decided that it will now be a future cover! When you see it you’ll understand why.

Lost Property: review
This was sent to me by the watchful Ed Berridge and Is a nice review.

I even started on the story that comes after the end of Runaround Robot! This tale will (hopefully) be printed in LP 02, as long as it is finished in time.

In other news, I’ve finished the ‘Destroy All Japs’ strip for Action Stations and I’m starting on the ‘Night to remember’ strip for Loup Garou.

And I’ve also found out a secret about the next issue of Zarjaz!


Friday, September 16, 2005

This week...

Stag Party update:
Here are the roughs for the sixth and final page: Image hosted by

This page has been a right so-and-so to get on the paper in any sort of finished form. I’m still not happy with the final version but everything is there that needs to be.

FutureQuake news: Only 17 pages left to fill! Who will meet deadlines and who will fall beside the road panting? Truth be known it is getting a little worrying that there is still so much to do to get this ready in time.

I’ve recently completed a pair of webstrips for the Monster Squad crew, and one of the scribbles I did turned out quite nicely: Image hosted by

Lost Property 2: revenge of the strip is also going to be close, especially as I’ve yet to break ground on my main contribution to the issue myself. I’ve had a fairly good idea for the back cover, but it needs work.

I’ve been pretty busy this week, working on a strip for ‘Death Camp Jones’ called…. That’d be telling wouldn’t it?

Page 1 is here but the rest of the strip in now pencilled and the whole thing is due for delivery next week.


Friday, September 09, 2005

friday 9th Sept

Phew! What a week! Been all over the place sorting out this and that.

Stag Party update:
Here are the roughs for the fifth page: Image hosted by

The pencils for the strip are now complete! However deadlines for printed strips have now forced a stop on this strip. I’m planning on having two-three weeks grace and then getting stuck into the inks. This definitely means no to Dreddcon for this strip.

FutureQuake news: the table is booked! All we need now is some product….

Lost Property 2: revenge of the strip is gaining momentum and I’ve taken receipt of some really nice strips. This collection is very different to the first one, and I’m not sure still just how different.

I’ve accepted a commission to work on a strip with long-time collaborator Richmond Clements to work on a three page strip for the Loup Garou projest (click on the Graveyard shift link for more on that)

And finally, this is intended for use on PJ Holden’s Pencil monkey forum: Image hosted by


Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday 2nd September

Hey there, back from Hols and up to speed. I got some nice sketching done whilst away and managed to complete a couple of Webstrips that will see the light of day sooner or later.

Stag Party update:
Here are the roughs for the fourth page: The only page awaiting final pencils is page 6, which id giving me some severe grief. I’m not satisfied with the look of that one and it needs so more re-working.
Image hosted by

I’m still hopeful of having this ready in time for the October 1st Dreddcon, but it could well be close.

This weekend is the Moniaive festival, in Scotland. Apparently the last one, I’ve contributed the art for a strip by Paul Glasswell. This is the preliminary scribble I did—

Image hosted by

Had some bad news on the FQ front; looks verry unlikely that we will have a finished issue in time for Dreddcon, so instead we are launching at the Brighton Expo Fingers crossed for no more bad news.