Friday, February 25, 2005

Last night on Earth

This is the rough for the two page strip I've got due to appear in The End is Nigh. Written by Ed Berridge it is the touching tale of a man who is quite literally, on the edge!
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Friday 25th February: Last for a couple of weeks

Starting to wind down for a couple of weeks; off to visit Florida for a holiday.

I've finished off almost eveything I'd started and I'm just biding my time till the holiday by working on the Whistler mini strip.

We've had some lovely pages arrive for Futurequake and when I get back it will be full steam ahead on getting that ready for print.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday 18th February: Phew!, what a week!

Been a busy old week this week.

I've finished the lineworks for By the book, and the strip is only two pages away from being finished.

I've completed the linework for a second strip for Futurequake; The task by Barny Shergold.

I've reached the halfway through the inks point on a strip for the End is Nigh, which is coming along nicely.

I've thumbnailed the 5 pages for the Dry county strip for DogBreath.

I've even begun pencils on the Whistler mini-strip for Dogbreath.

By the book sketches: These are the original thumbnails I worked from for the strip, whether they worked will be apparent in the finished strip (Available May!)

All in all it has been a most productive week.


Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday 11th February 2005

This week has been nice and productive, I’ve finished the ink-work for By the book (must remember to scan those sketches over the weekend); the main illustration for the second Inaction Jackson for the mighty Solar Wind and I’ve even begun work on the single page strip ‘The Task’ that Barny Shergold wrote for Futurequake.

I’ve even thuimbnailed the strip for The end is nigh, which is nice.

Tales of the contrary moves apace, with Richmond Clements providing the greytones that are making the pages really sing


Friday, February 04, 2005

This weeks update....

Hi folks, this week has seen me finish inks on the third page of By the Book (only two to go!) and I've made significant progress with two of my other projects.

is coming along very nicely. I'm just waiting for three final strips and thaen it's all systems go. The cover is almost compiled and I've even managed to get the card I wanted for the covers. The back cover is now printed and looks very nice.

is also progressing. I'm still short of one strip, but the text is being created at the moment (hopefully). The biggest news there is that Richmond Clements has come aboard to help me out on the screen-tones front. His work is first rate and I'm really chuffed to have him helping.

A couple of new blogs have started that I've been made aware of: Subatomic-Phuz is by John Kirkham, a contributor to both Futurequake and Lost Property. He has some lovely artwork and a revelaing look at how he puts a page together; The end is nigh is a blog devoted to the upcoming mag of the same name; Andrew Bartlett has recently begun serialising a strip on his Blog that is really good.

Thats it for now. See Yawllll