Monday, December 21, 2009

The Bridge!

The BRIDGE is the school magazine for Handsworth Grammar, in Birmingham, which is the school that the mighty Mini-Bolt went to till earlier this year. Why am I posting about this- well it is because for the second year running, I out it together for them. The editor; Mrs Elaine Brown, was one of Mini-Bolts teachers and after she learned about my small-press activities they asked me to help out. I was only too pleased to accept- especially when they offered to pay me!

I'm quite pleased with how the mag looks, though there are things I want to sort for next year- making the interior pages tidier, fixing some nasty formatting shortcuts I got lumbered with due to the school's inexperience (ohh, hark at me!) with print techniques and generally giving it a bit more polish. That's if they ask me, after all...

Oh, and because I did the layout work I was able to push it to my usual printer for comics, which has hopefully given them a lovely x-mas bonus as well.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday 4th december.

My Entry for the 2000ad online message board Advent Calendar. Quite pleased with this.