Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi-Ex2 and more

Since I last blogged here all sorts of stuff has been going on. I've done the full graphic design package for a school mag (and sorted the printing) and finished the pencils on the next installment of Whistler for Dogbreath.

Then I did this:

Which I'm pretty pleased about as it is in the current end of year 2000ad. Cue big, silly grin on my mush. Of course I didn't draw it, that was Declan Shalvey who did that bit. I just put the words on.

Next up I'm taking a couple of days before leaping into the inks for Whistler to work on the FQP X-mas card for the year and to do some sketches for a script I'll be starting soon for Mike Carroll that is possibly one of the most bittersweet farewells to a comic character I've ever read.