Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jon & Gorath 03

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Lost Property is printed ! The contributor copies for the post have been sent, and I am working my way through the rest of them, collating wildly. Hopefully I can sell almost all the run, as that way I can hide the hole in my bank before the wife notices ! We have made the funding for FQ available but I’ve done this out of my own pocket as I needed to, and those colour pages don’t half eat ink !

Tales of the Contrary has reached the stage where the cover is being done, so here are
Image hosted by the rough sketch and
Image hosted by Photobucket.comthe almost completed final. The tones for this collection are all by Richmond Clements apart from the Complete Revolution strip on the back cover.

The final tale for the collection, The captain, is the only stumbling block left to conquer- I know the illo’s that need to be done, yet I can’t seem to put anything on paper that I’m happy with. Need to relax I suppose and let it happen.

Also this week has seen me enlist Richmond to help with the greyscale on the Ghouls of Grafton Street. Intended for Solar Wind, here are the thumbnails I worked from

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The strip has been delivered and Cosmic Ray has given it a thumbs-up, so I’m glad to be an androit once more!

Five minutes before I typed these words I put the finishing touches to FutureQuake and saved the document for the printers. At last. The next thing will be waiting for the printers to tell me I’ve made some awful error in the formatting and the comic is ruined; or not.

Ah well, I finish work today till Tuesday, and the Bolt clan are off to Blackpool for a weekend of roller-coaster action!


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bloglet link fixed.

Just noticed that the bloglet link was broken. I've fixed it now, so If you want to, you can:

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Jon & Gorath 02

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Hopefully in the next week or two, the Jon & Gorath strip will be moving to colour (at least on a temporary basis) courtesy of the mighty Mini-bolt !

I aim to print the last few pages of Lost Property tomorrow, and I have a page and a half of inks left for the Ghouls of Grafton Street.

Tales of the Contrary is nearing completion, with the last text imminent. Hopefully it will be ready in time for the Bristol Expo.

I have all the art in for FutureQuake, and only two strips to letter. I aim to have it at the printers by this time next week.

Fingers crossed that is.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Jon & Gorath 01

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This is the first episode of a new strip I’ll be running each week till I run out. Written by Mark Woodland, this was the strip that caused me to begin the collection of strips called Lost Property.

In other news, I have begun using InDesign to lay out the pages for Futurequake. The inside cover is getting the most effort as the rest are comic pages.

Work continues on the Ghouls of Grafton street, having reached the third page in the finished pencils leg of the job.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday 8th March 2005

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This week has seen the final line-up for FQ 04 decided on, resulting in having several strips ‘in the bank’ for 5.

The cover has been prepped for Tales of the Contrary, and I am hoping to receive the final story from Andrew over the weekend, a tale called simply: ‘The Captain.’

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Lost Property is almost printed. I just need to get hold of some more A5 paper and it will be complete. As nice as the format for this is, it is snowballing on the expense side. I think next issue (if I do one) will adopt a more traditional look.

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I have finished the Whistler strip and have also done illustrations for a story by Richmond Clements, which has possibly the best last line I’ve read this year. I’ve got a sketch from that somewhere….
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In other news, I have signed up with Cosmic Ray for another tour of duty with Solar Wind. I am currently pencilling the exploits of a school football team with a difference. A cracking script by Ben Clark ensures that at least the words will be worth reading!