Friday, September 30, 2005

Dreddcon tomorrow!

Is it Friday all ready? Blimey. This week has seen the new Yammer cross-over strip get a good start, and I’ve also managed to fully pencil the three pages for a night to remember.

Over on the FutureQuake press stand we’ve finally sorted the covers out and have therefore come up with these two ads (that are part of the Ash-can due to arrive at Dreddcon tomorrow)

Talking of Dreddcon, say hi if you see me (I’ll be wearing my FQ T-shirt) and remember to stop by an collect a copy of Action Stations with a strip by me in it.

I’m also going to be hassling a certain alien editor with my stuff, so I may well be disconsolate on Monday! Wish me luck, It has taken me two years to get the nerve to show again.



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Ed said...

But what kind of promise is that? I mean, I 'may' win the lottery and find the keys to a Jag and a whore house in my slippers, but it ain't likely.

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