Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday 2nd September

Hey there, back from Hols and up to speed. I got some nice sketching done whilst away and managed to complete a couple of Webstrips that will see the light of day sooner or later.

Stag Party update:
Here are the roughs for the fourth page: The only page awaiting final pencils is page 6, which id giving me some severe grief. I’m not satisfied with the look of that one and it needs so more re-working.
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I’m still hopeful of having this ready in time for the October 1st Dreddcon, but it could well be close.

This weekend is the Moniaive festival, in Scotland. Apparently the last one, I’ve contributed the art for a strip by Paul Glasswell. This is the preliminary scribble I did—

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Had some bad news on the FQ front; looks verry unlikely that we will have a finished issue in time for Dreddcon, so instead we are launching at the Brighton Expo Fingers crossed for no more bad news.


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Captain Superb said...

Those little Judge Dredd's are quite scary my man! They remind me of the Warrior Weebles I once battled from the planet Theydon'tfalldownia 7. Terrifying little critters. Of course, I prevailed in the end...