Friday, May 07, 2010

May 6th Update.

Working list:

I drew Fractal Friction P20. A lot of fun and a ‘very’ quick job. It was inked in a single sitting- which is rare, but a tight deadline is a great motivator. Thanks to The Emperor and all the rest of the chaps at FF for asking me to take part. Visit the link to see the final page, with colour by Matt Soffe and lettering by Jim Campbell.

The Crusader: Spoonful of Honeywith Chris & Steve Denton.
Inking page 4!
The Fractal Friction page has gotten my drawing muscles moving again after being in neutral for ages- I plan on having this done- inks wise- by the end of next week.

ABC Warriors: Mongrol- Blogging with David Withers & Mike Carroll

I’ve been contacted by a rather prominent member of 2000 AD fandom with a request for a portrait in the same vein as the pic of Hi-Ex! Organisers Rich & Vicky. Still early days, but I’m looking forward to getting the photo ref and working on a likeness.

Completed this Week!

FutureQuake 16
Something Wicked 06
Dogbreath 23
Zarjaz 10


This week I’ve lettered KILLER-MEK, for Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer- this was their entry in the MILLARWORLD comp. Fingers crossed chaps.

I’ve also lettered a strip for Matthew McLaughlinand El Chivo that is due out later this year.

Average Joe for InsomniaInsomnia Publishing.
Ongoing. This week lettered: nowt.
Unfortunately I can't really show anything from this yet- I don't have permission.

Angels of the Somme for Timebomb comics
Writer Alec Robertson, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. This week I’ve been tinkering with a logo for them- think it is about there, some colour things to fix- which regular readers will know can cause me problems.

Red Sands for Starscape
Writer: Matthew McLaughlin, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing: Hopefully launching soon- watch this space.


matthew mclaughlin said...

Excellent FF page Bolt!

But my god, your workload - has your wife declared herself a comics widow yet?!?

Emperor said...

Awesome work there and... holy moley how many Bolt droids are there???