Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 28th May...

After last weekends hectic rushing and meeting and drinking and a bit of selling, but mainly chatting- This weekend hopefully will be a little quieter.

Working list:
The Crusader: Spoonful of Honeywith Chris & Steve Denton.
The pages are now away to my trusty colourist and I've finished the lettering.

The image at the top is my entry for the 2000 AD site art comp this month. I even managed to colour this (though I did get some advice on things from Mini-Bolt as I was going along.

Commission. I’m drawing the family unit of a member of the Hive-Mind. Sketches started and I'm looking forward to this. I've also started laying out the board with the required perspectives and I'm hoping to be able to scan somethng worth looking at after the weekend.

ABC Warriors: Mongrol- Blogging with David Withers & Mike Carroll
Sketches started, as I've never drawn Mongrol before.

Completed this Week!

FutureQuake 16
Cover artist sorted!

Something Wicked 06
Cover Artist sorted!

Dogbreath 23
Zarjaz 10


Average Joe for Insomnia Publishing.
Ongoing. This week lettered: nowt. However, I've got four to do, so I'll hopefully have them by this time next week.
Unfortunately I can't really show anything from this yet- I don't have permission.

Angels of the Somme for Timebomb comics
Writer Alec Robertson, Art Bruce McLaren

Red Sands for Starscape
Writer: Matthew McLaughlin, Art Bruce McLaren

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