Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Sept 28th

Phew, what a week! Too many late nights, followed by too many early mornings has left me a bit frazzled today- still, all be worth it in the end.

Working on:
Still pencilling Whistler, as I’ve had a couple of last minute jobs dropped on me which has swallowed a lot of my time. Still, I’ve got six months to finish!

Latest from FQP:
The Cd’s for FQ, MQ and SW are at the printers! I had a call this morning about a formatting error I’ve made on MQ, which I’ll sort for Monday, but the others are all okay! I’ll be collecting in two weeks today- maybe sooner if I can.

After all the grief I gave one artist about delivering his strip on time (and him doing so) I’ve had to delay this getting to the printer due to another artist having issues. Hopefully I’ll have this sorted over the weekend, which will still leave me enough time to get the comics printed.


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