Friday, September 21, 2007

Print deadline 4 days...

‘Ow do? Decided to try and keep plodding on with this, as I always enjoy reading other folks talking about this.

Working on:
Still pencilling Whistler, reached page 4 of 5, so after that I’ll be doing the lettering and making sure it all works before I lock it in with the inks. I’ve also completed an entry in a comp for Mike Carroll’s New Heroes on the 2000ad messageboard

Latest from FQP:
Got my copy of Meg 263 this week, featuring NEROY SPHINX in the small press slot! The team for this episode are Dan Whiston (as ever) Johnny McMonagle, with colour by Richmond and the lettering by ME!! The strip looks great and I’m really chuffed for Dan and Johnny.
As for the new crop- Nearly there, Printers on Tuesday and still loads to do yet.

The mighty Johnny McMonagle sent me a set of amended Neroy pages to make sure that the format difference between the Meg and FQ isn’t too apparent.

Something Wicked
Still waiting on three pages in order to make page count. I’ve been promised them, so hopefully we are good to go. Still waiting on some bios from creators, but if I don’t get those I’ll make them up myself. The worst thing is getting a strip finished and realising that there are issues with some of the text and that the writer isn’t answering emails. Do we amend as best we can or do we run a strip that has confused people on proof reading and needs explanation? It is a quandary worthy of Pat Mills himself…

Nearly there. Got the amended strip we were waiting for and Rich has completed the list of bios. Nest up is sorting the inside page and away!

Shh, don’t talk about it or I’ll jinx it…

Stak is all printed and ready to go! Need to sort some preview images in the next week, but for now I’m not worrying about that.


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