Thursday, November 08, 2007



Teamwork, that is what makes things like FutureQuake possible. I know full well that I am part of a solid team and that if I need back-up I'll get it. Comics are by there very nature a solitary pleasure, yet the biggest pleasure I get in this mad hobby is actually meeting up with my fellow comic folk and having a good natter about stuff. I know that If I was trying to do all this on my own I'd go mad, so thanks and thanks again to all those folks who are part of the team at FQP.

The current crop of FQP titles is barely in print and I've already received all bar 12 pages of the next FQ, AND the cover!

The new website is doing well, though the forum is dead, mostly due to me being unable to add new bits to it that I'd like. However, I'm sure that as soon as our Webmaster notices the emails he'll sort it.

In other news I am assured that I'll have all the info I need to take over on Zarjaz soon, and the enigmatic Duke Etrange has camped out in my back yard and won't leave till I get his comic ready for him either.

I've also had to raid the FQP bank account in order to pay for not one, but two conventions for next year already! Next year is going to be a busy one- with Hi-Ex in Feb, Bristol in May and Brum con III in October! PHEW!

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