Friday, July 07, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: 48

Been a strange week, here at bolt towers, with the exiting of a script editor the completion of a set of line work pages and the commissioning of possibly the most fantastic opening script it has ever been my delight to read. More on 'that' particular piece of comic strip genius as it arrises.

Those of you out there who remember Jon & Gorath will be pleased to know that the first ten spisodes have now been accepted for printing in an up-coming title. No details as yet, but I'm very pleased to see those strips out there again.

I've also had a new batch of scripts, so when the Yammer concludes (12 weeks yet) I will have a lot more J&G for you to read.

Thanks to a recent sale in Thargs house of loveliness ( I am now the proud owner of a Strontium dog action figure. Or rather I was, my six year old won't give it back and has taken to shouting 'Number four cartridge!' whist pointing the little Westinghouse blaster it came with. Dead proud me...



mick said...

Oooh, I have that figure as well! It's ace. In fact I have them all, I got tham in a sale in the home of quality that is M. Latif's. One of my kids ate one of Durham Red's blasters, though.

bou said...

what line work did you do dave?

Bolt-01 said...

This week: Page three of the new Whistler is almost done, and I've started pencils on the third Dreddheads.

How about yourself Vik?

WoD said...

Also have that SD figure - wedding present from the wife...nice one!

What's this Dreddheads #3...he asks for J&G, I give him J&G and what do I get!!!!! Clean water, roads and the fact that it's safe to walk the streets at night...pah!

Bolt-01 said...

Ah WoD, fret not. Dreddheads is a full size strip, so it requires full size room. J&G can be done at work. Much quicker.