Friday, July 28, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: Crossover 01

The above is the opener in Bryan Coyle's Cannibal Salad strip that we did for Lost Property 02 as a crossover with the Yammer. Starting next week I'll be running an episode of both at the same time so that the strips will hopefully make sense.

This week we got some nice reviews in comics International. Check the
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This week I have finished the third Dreddheads strip, and put a couple of pictures up on the 2000ad Online website.

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It has been announced that there is going to be a two-day comics event at the Custard Factory in December! A result for me as it is a local happening. More news as it happens.



bou said...

hey thats a great bad company picture dave ! nice greys too. i havent had time to keep up with the message board comps, rumour has it theres a nemesis one coming up next which i'd like a stab at..

Bolt-01 said...

Cheers Bou. Check the board when you can, as the Nemesis comp is indeed live now.

Your style would be interesting on something like that.

bou said...

yipes ! more pressure ! i did think a wrestling purity & candidia would be funny tho.

Richmond A Clements said...

'Funny'..? If by funny, you actually means 'arousing', yes, it would be.

Paddy Goat said...

Nice Bad Company pics. Wish I could be bothered to try, but I'm holding out for something with bears or lesbians. Candida and Purity would be nice, obviously, but I'd settle for Shako - even some straddling of the two seperate universes, with a giant polar bear wrestling two oiled-up future-ladies. All in the name of science, you understand.
I have fond memories of that Cannibal Salad strip. Mainly because it was the only one with something that seemed like an actual joke in it.
Wouldn't a WHOLE BOOK of unfunny rubbish like that be a hot seller? I sure hope so!