Friday, July 21, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: 50

This week sees what is possibly the last episode of Yammer that I will draw. I’ve been drawing this feller for over ten years now, and I’ve finally reached the end. I do have an idea for more, but that is for waay down the line.

Starting next week I’ll be running the Yammer strips that ran as part of last Octobers Lost Property comic, alongside the Cannibal Salad strips by Bryan Coyle.

This week I’ve learned that if you don’t save multiple layer documents before you flatten them, then close, you will be left with a hard time trying to amend any of the layers.

I’m half way through the inks on the third Dreddheads strip with Paul Glasswell, and really enjoying myself. Hoping these will continue.

I’ve also been tempted to start drawing 2000ad characters for the message board as well.

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Matt Tallon from the Mean Arena; A strip that has yet to receive a proper reprint.

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Ace Garp, designed by the Maestro Bellardinelli.

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and finally Nick Stone, another Bellardinelli character and a sketch I’m quite pleased with.


1 comment:

Paddy Goat said...

Ten years? Fuck me.

And I learned that about flattening layers ages ago. It was one of those 'the hard way' type-lessons, but then I gather something like that isn't really likely to sink in unless you have a major fuck-up to really hammer the idea home. Just ctrl+s every half-hour and you'll be fine, then flatten the file and save it as a jpeg. Sorted.