Friday, June 30, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: 47

This week has been steady. Got Albert & myrtle almost finished (line-art wise), so that strip ‘should’ be delivered soon.

I’ve had some nice strips sorted for Lost Property 03, so I’m pleased to see work beginning to trickle in for that.

FutureQuake garnered a pair of mentions in the current Comics International, which I’ll post here, and one of which raises an interesting question: What is the best format for presenting comics on t’internet? We currently have pdf’s of 1-3 on the FutureQuake website, with 4 to follow this summer. I can just sort another pdf, but is it the right thing to do?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I’ve had to replace the home printer and scanner this week, so I bought a lovely new HP printer/scanner from PC world. The quality of the scans is markedly up on my previous machine so I’m well chuffed.



Paddy Goat said...

Scanners and printers have but one purpose in the brief period after you open the box they come in for the first time - to inflict misery and pain upon you under the guise of a techno-sheep, all the while a wolf of not-quite-right printing nestles on the shelf, just waiting to print things a bit too blurry after a few test runs so it's too late to arrange another way to get it sorted, or having loads of 'banding' problems that can only be cleared up by wasting tons of ink on cleaning the print heads. I pity you for the misery that awaits...
Not that I'm letting my own experiences cloud my worldview, or anything.

The format of a comic page doesn't lend itself to reading on a screen, I think. The best presented versions of comics online are those strips where you click on the panel and the next panel loads up - quick and easy to read, and you don't have to navigate the page, just click the mouse button to read the strip. This would necessitate a rethink of how the strip was written, though, as reveals and wide panoramic vistas would suffer a bit, unless you could vary the panel size.


bou said...

oh oh does that mean that you'll be getting asked to do all the printing & scanning work ?

the quality of the A3 printer & PC at my new work is awesome, i can't even start to think of thick shiney coloured projects its just too advanced for me.

any sign of that wild west wendy review in CI ?

WoD said...

Hmm...there's no such thing as bad publicity I guess...wonder if that is still true these days on the web... should make sure that David Knight (House Of Usher) he does reviews you know...

What is a YAMMER by the way...??? Is this something that one might see at Legs 11???

Emperor said...

I was pondering the issue of displaying webcomics online recently and knocked up a quick script here. It just slaps in next/previous links so people can work through the strip from start to finish. I suppose its about mkaing use of the advantages of the medium (which is the ease of navigation)

I do like the idea of being able to click the image to move to the next one - I might give that a shot at some point.