Friday, June 23, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: 46

This week has seen me reach the inks on the long awaited Albert & Myrtle, which is progressing steadily. I've also completed two pages for the new Whistler series to appear in Dogbreath.

On another note, I'm wary of waffling here too much, as I think there are probably about 5 people who read it. That being said, those five will all know a lot of stuff anyway about me so why not?

Mark Woodland and myself have been approached to contribute some of our Jon & Gorath strips to a comic that is being produced and I've been helping sort out some images for a piece featuring Rogue Trooper. It will eventually appear on the 2000ad Review website. In fact, this is a pic I drew for that that the mighty Mini Bolt coloured for me. Think he did a bang-up job myself.

I've had word that someone appears to be running some sort of mini-vendetta against 2000ad related members of the UK Small press scene on Wikipedia. A bit pointless really, as most of those who produce the comics don't provide the Wiki info and so don't even know it is there. There is even a photo of me up on the Futurequake page that I didn't know about till Mrs Bolt found it! crazy.

Ah well, there are currently five episodes of Yammer left to finish the initial 50, so don't forget to check back next week for more!


Ed said...

Actually, I gave someone the front cover pic of FQ for the wikipedia entry when asked, so I suppose that counts. Hadn't seen that photo though - and now I wish that I hadn't! Anyway, it's not worth getting worked up about, honestly.

I like that SFX though - I was hoping that you'd continue the trend after last week's 'BIG PUNCH'. No robots again though.

So what's this comic you're doing J&G for then? You kept that one quiet.

But you have mentioned something in there that you really shouldn't have, you know...

Bolt-01 said...

What's that? I've amended the 'name' so let me know if there is anything else that needs taking out.

Ed said...

No, tis all grand, so it is!

Paddy Goat said...

Indeed - it's not worth worrying about Wikipedia's entries in any fashion, as any fool can create one for pretty much anything - pick a random Pokemon and there'll be a whole page devoted to the little fucker, his powers, what episode of the tv show he fought Pikachu, and probably what he tastes like char-grilled with lemon sauce. The rather specific group of articles that was targeted, however, and the use of a sock-puppet to deflect the blame from himself, suggests that the culprit was acting out some sort of revenge-fantasy like Columbo would investigate. If Columbo didn't have anything to investigate but internet crimes against no-one, I mean.
More sad than anything else.

When do we get to see lbert and Myrtle, then? Self-published or offered to small press books already in print?


Bolt-01 said...

Paddy. Albert & Myrtle will appear when it is ready. It is aimed at MeCon.

bou said...

waffle away there Bolt, cos there was some new info there, so J&G... where ? whats meCon ?