Friday, September 22, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: Crossover 9

Working on:
A new six page strip written by Richmond Clements that will eventually see print in Zarjaz. Featuring one of my personal favourite 2000ad series. I’m pencilling my third page this week and having a blast!

I’m also working up a single page strip for the 2000ad messageboard competition. Good fun these and this is a chance to try something completely different.

Latest from FQP:

FutureQuake Completed pages- 35
Pages to be lettered- 15
The cover query I’d got has been sorted, as the strip relating to one of the covers is now delayed. On the plus side, I’ve now got the cover to next issue sorted!

Received pages: 6, including a sublime back cover.
The new covers are in the printers, and I plan on collecting them and having a postal run this weekend.

Lost Property
Printing! I’m all go for this now, with any late strips being carried over to next issue. I’ll sort a cover scan for next week.

Been contacted by some of the contributors to earlier issues, and hopefully will be receiving strips shortly, bit of a bonus that!


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Paddy Goat said...

It's cool that you're doing another issue of LP - I got the idea from somewhere that you were winding it up with issue three.