Friday, September 15, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: Crossover 08

Working on:
Father Whiplash- Finished inks and the pages have now gone to Richmond Clements for toning. Really pleased with the result of this strip, think it could be some of my best work yet.

Latest from FQP:

Taking place on October 28th is Lancaster comics con and FQP will be there.

The website is going to be getting a new look. No definite date yet, but the work has begun on redesigning the imagery and layout.

FutureQuake Completed pages- 25
Pages to be lettered- 17
This issue has two covers on the go, as we are unsure of the final running order. We have seen a preview of one of the images and it promises to be a stunner!

Now available from the FQ Shop!
Received pages: 3

Lost Property
Strips completed- 50 so far, with the last few arriving soon. I can also reveal that if all goes to plan, this issue will be all colour printing where the strips need it. All for £2.00!

Nowt new but I’ve heard that there may well be some original art in the offing soon…



JamesMackay said...

Hey Dave, just saw the comment re: small press Megazine submission and wanted to say good luck with that!

Paddy Goat said...

Good luck with the Meg submission, Dave.

Hopefully, the 3 pages recieved for MQ3 are on top of the 3 I sent, otherwise it may be time to panic.