Friday, September 08, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: Crossover 07

Bit of a ramble this week, I’ve been asked about how Bryan and myself actually put the mixed art episodes together. The truth is not that well on my part, as I was impatient.

I sent Bryan rough pencils for each of the strips, showing who was where and what they needed to be doing.

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After this I inked the epiode and waited for Bryan to send his part. What I should have done was wait for Bryan before inking.

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Bryan sent me drawings to fit the roughs I sent him, which always delighted me. His work is so good. After I inserted Mike into the Yammer strips I transferred the file to greyscale, which in the long term was a mistake, as I’d love to be able to show the high contrast in the initial images. One of these images was also used on the cover for Lost Property 02, and was a good part of where the idea came from for that cover.

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After this it was over to be lettered and voila!

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Bryan sent me a rouch idea of what he needed Yammer to be doing for his strips, and if he’d got them, a rough set of images to match.

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After that I’d draw the Yammer to fit the images and mail them to Bryan.

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To my delight, I’ve found the versions of the strips that Bryan originally sent me, so I can now show the final couple of episodes in colour. Enjoy.

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You’ve all seen the results of the strips over the last few weeks, and I hope that the above gives a bit of an insight into how I handled the technique. I apologise to Bryan now for showing some of his work without making sure, but it wouldn’t be complete without showing it.

Working on:
Father Whiplash- inking page 4.

Latest from FQP:
FutureQuake Completed pages- 25

MangaQuake cover saga- nothing from Mess studios for 4 weeks now. Even allowing for holidays this is not good.
Received a replacement cover from Mongoose McCloud which I’m prepping for print, along with a new inside cover containing a brief ’why?’ about the cover.
We’ve begun receiving interior pages for issue 03, and they have given us an idea for a very different cover.

Lost Property:
Covers done (wonderful colours by the mighty mini-Bolt) and a lot of the strips formatted.

Received the line art for the opening strip, and mighty fine it looks. Hoping to have this ready for Lancaster, but it might have to wait for the Custard factory.

Is this the longest post I've done? Could be...

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Paddy Goat said...

I vaguely remember being able to draw without going overboard on the photoshop filters - I'm having to learn again with the 1946 strip for LP3, so hopefully no-one will be too disappointed with the results.
Good to see those again, but you seem to have printed the versions that didn't have any jokes in.

That's my story, anyway...