Friday, August 27, 2010

Phew! Been a bit busy, but next week is deadline week!

Next week sees the deadline for the new crop of titles, FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Dogbreath and Zarjaz. Zarjaz and FQ are already over page for their issues, with Zarjaz actually gaining 8 pages for the next issue in order to give the issue the chance to take shape properly, and Dogbreath & something Wicked both taking shape 'very' rapidly now.

The worst bit of the process is about to need to be done- the emails to tell folks that despite them hitting deadline- I'm bumping their strip to a later issue. I hae doing that- I've had it done to me, on several occasions and it always leaves a feeling that your work isn't as good as you thought it was. Of course the real reason for it is that I only have so many pages in each issue, and sometimes I struggle to actually fit the strips into 48 pages. Thankfully I've had a few shorter strips in, which make it easier to find room to manouvre. Still doesn't make it nice to have to tell folks that their strip is going to be another six months in the drawer though.

Anyway, what have I been Working On!

ABC Warriors: Mongrol- Blogging with David Withers & Mike Carroll Still storming through page 3, because I’ve had to take a detour to draw page 36 of Fractal Friction!

The final page has been coloured and lettered by Jim Campbell, and very well too.

Completed this Week!


FutureQuake 16 Strip in this week:

Something Wicked 06 Strip in this week:

Dogbreath 24 Strips in this week:

Sun & Moon: Hunters of Bounty- Brainspotting

Zarjaz 10


Average Joe.

Ongoing. This week lettered: Nowt. Got quite a few pages in- but until I get the new comics done they can wait.
Angels of the Somme for Timebomb comics
Writer Alec Robertson, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. Nothing happening yet.
Red Sands for Starscape
Writer: Matthew McLaughlin, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. Nothing happening yet.


matthew mclaughlin said...

Bolt, your page for FF looks great this week! Well done!

As for Red Sands, something should be happening very soon with that...Bruce and I are starting to get coordinated. Few nasty surprises in the script, too.

See you at BICS!

Bolt-01 said...

Cheers Matt. I've just had the pages from Bruce for the next Dogbreath so I'm already looking forward to the next Red Sands.

Lee said...

Extra pages for Zarjaz...? Why do I get the feeling that's my fault...? ;)

Emperor said...

A good week indeed - I'm chuffed with the FF page and you did a lovely job on the Sun and Moon lettering (I can't wait to see it in print).

I wouldn't worry about telling people you are bumping them to the next issue, it is just one of those things and if that is the nastiest thing an editor does to anyone then they can count themselves lucky ;)