Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 30/07/2010

Working On!

A quick piece for the 2000 AD message board comp this month. Based on an idea by Stephen Watson

ABC Warriors: Mongrol- Blogging with David Withers & Mike Carroll
Still inking page 2. I hate losing momentum like this...

Completed this Week!

FutureQuake 16 Almost full. 1 strip out for final approval. 1 strip lost it's artist. Hopefully we can find a suitable replacement- but this is a big blow.
Something Wicked 06
Dogbreath 23
Zarjaz 10 BIG leaks about a certain strip and also the New cover too!


Average Joe.
Ongoing. This week lettered: 4 pages.

Angels of the Somme for Timebomb comics
Writer Alec Robertson, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. Nothing happening yet.

Red Sands for Starscape
Writer: Matthew McLaughlin, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. Nothing happening yet.

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