Friday, July 09, 2010


Over at 2000 AD this week, in prog 1692, I got a rather awesome surprise. If yo look in the BG of the panel above, you will see a S/D agant with a beak- that is Whistler, a character I created many moons ago to star in some fan fiction on the 2000 AD website. The reason for Whistlers awesome appearance- It is a thank you from John Wagner and Carlos for being the continuity nerd for the current Strontium dog strip. The actual image was sorted by my good compadre in all this, Richmond; and he had known about it for months, in fact it was all his idea. Friends are good. As for what happens in the rest of the series- that would be telling :)

Working On!

ABC Warriors: Mongrol- Blogging with David Withers & Mike Carroll
I got righteously stuck into page 2 last weekend- pencilling most of it in a single 2 hours blur, I'm now decyphering my scribble and laying down the inks.

Completed this Week!

FutureQuake 16 Did I say that I'd got the confirmation of the cover artist?
Something Wicked 06 I've now sorted which strip is lead, and begun to arrange the cover artist for the issue.
Dogbreath 23 The Cover is now sorted!
Zarjaz 10


Average Joe for Insomnia Publishing.
Ongoing. This week lettered: 2 pages. Got another 5 to work on though.

Angels of the Somme for Timebomb comics
Writer Alec Robertson, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. Nothing happening yet.

Red Sands for Starscape
Writer: Matthew McLaughlin, Art Bruce McLaren
Ongoing. Nothing happening yet.

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matthew mclaughlin said...

Whoah! That's got to be a thrill to not only see your character in the prog - but drawn by Senor Carlos! Excellent news!'re buying that page right?