Friday, February 23, 2007

Jon & Gorath 27

Over on the 2000ad Review website I’ve had a new strip posted that was written by the mighty Sprout.

In the Dark

Working on:
Whistler II 02: I’ve pencilled the first two pages.
The Beast Within: I’ve thumbnailed the whole strip and begun sketches of the lead character.
Down the Rabbit hole: Thumbnails completed.

Latest from FQP:
The script pile won’t stop growing! For anyone out there who has sent us a script since November, please be patient, we are trying to get trough them all in the order we get them.

We are up to 37 pages of completed work in the bank, which is comforting at this point of getting the issue together. We've also got a prospective final version of the cover! Really excited about this as I drew it- the first time I've thought a strip of mine was strong enough to support the cover.

Something Wicked
We’ve got 20 completed pages in for this issue as well, which is really nice. Another six pages arrived last night as well!

Do you see that dusty wind-swept file folder over there? That is where MQ pages should be...

We’ve commissioned a strip that has the potential to be the absolute dogs dangly bits. Can’t say more, but it is really special.


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