Friday, February 09, 2007

Jon & Gorath 26

Working on:
I’m actually starting the next Whistler and a strip featuring Werewolves for Something Wicked.

Latest from FQP:
Mike Allwood has managed to sort us a table for Bristol. Hurrah! The cheque is posted so I’ll soon be trying to sell some of the older FQP comics cheap to generate some cash flow.

We are up to 46 pages of completed work in the bank, which may sound like we are about to roll, but these include the pages for something wicked 02 as well. Some bad news this week from an artist who is having some serious back issues at the moment (and I don’t mean he’s just bought a collection), so get well soon Gibson Quarter!

The commissioned folder took a mighty wallop this week when we arranged what could be a major article covering an aspect of SD that hasn’t been covered in any real depth before. More on that as it happens. We also commissioned a new 6 page strip and read the first case files book!


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