Friday, November 17, 2006

Jon & Gorath: 22

Working on:
Jon & Gorath 25-31: 25-28 all inked.
DreddHeads: These now have a home! Coming soon to 2000adreview!
VC’s: One rule: Finished and awaiting checking by the writer. Then I’ll be sorting a step by step walkthrough for one of the pages, showing it as it progressed though from biro scribble to fully finished scrawl.

I’ve begun work on a new strip that is likely to appear on the 2000adreview site as well. Featuring a series close to my heart in a way I’ve not read about it before. More news as it happens.

Getting a bit tight now as It is only 2 weeks till we hit the latest I can get this to the printers in time for Brum con. Had a feature delivered last night that is an actual exclusive!


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Ed said...

This step by step walkthrough - is that for the blog?