Friday, November 10, 2006

Jon & Gorath 21

Working on:
Jon & Gorath 25-31: Plodding along nicely.
DreddHeads 04: Some tweaking of the last panel then finished.
VC’s: One rule: Being toned with the brush tool that Dan made me. A treat to use, but I’m having to go back loads as I learn something new it’ll do.

My strip sub for the Mighty Tharg was turned down. Maybe next time…

However, this is the entry that Richmond Clements coloured for me for the 2000ad online messageboard comp…

Latest from FQP:
Latest batch of comics is being collected Monday. I have only one left of each of the recent run.

Heard back from one contributor who had received their copy in less than 48 hours. Which was even nicer as he lives in San Fransisco!

32 pages complete, with more to come soon!


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Ed said...

Nice piccie - however, I think you missed out the word "you" (or "ye", depending on phonetic pronunciation), and there's two s's in "Godess".