Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday 16 Feb 2006

No picture to show this time, as I’ve run out of J&G at the moment, and the next Wave of Yammer is coming together quite slowly. It will finally finish the end of runaraound robot though, and then lead into the yammer strips that appeared in Lost Property 02.

I’ve finished my work on serpents tale, and the mighty Mini-bolt is now photoshopping the pages to add tones and create the ‘feel’ of the strip.

I’ve accepted a few illustration jobs, and one of those has actually turned out to be a single page strip that I’ll be working on the for the next Image hosted by

On top of all this I’ve begun to have ideas for where to take Whistler next. When it gets to the stage that I’ve actually got a strip worth drawing I’ll be posting scribbles for comment.

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Ed said...

Interesting - I didn't know you were thinking of going back to Whistler, Dave. What black ideas are you summoning up from the Underworld?

Bolt-01 said...

Time will reveal all Ed. But so far it feels like I will need several episodes to tell the story properly.