Friday, November 11, 2005

Brighton minus 1 week.

This week has been one long round of organising and re-organising. I had all the strips sorted for Lost Property (a total of 87 strips along with 7 pages of article) and had them all sorted into a fair mix, so that strips were not jumbled together. I reached number 86 in my plan only to discover that I’d used all the strips. Took me two days to find the one I’d counted twice.

Still, all sorted now, and almost all printed too.

A night on the town should be finished this weekend, just some lettering to do, and I’ve even plotted the last part of the runaround robot story for the Yammer! Hurrah. I’ll be starting to run new episodes of Jon & Gorath next week, seeing as the strips will be available at Brighton.

Talking of Brighton I’ve got to go sort out a large poster sized version of a certain cover.



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Ed said...

Lamenting Long Arm Evans...