Friday, August 05, 2005

Mighty Yammer 36

Presenting :

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This week has seen the strip I’m doing for Moniaive move into high gear. Page 1 is completed (&lettered) and I finished the inks on page 2 at 7am today. I aim to have page 3 inked by the end of the weekend and then It’s back to the-

Stag Party update:
Here are the roughs for the second page: Full pencils will be done soon.
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In other things, I have begun lettering the strips that have so far arrived for FQ05- and even 1 for issue 06 ! That one is taking some time as we are trying a few different approaches to the lettering to those I normally do.

The FutureQuake website suffered at my hands last weekend, when our Webmaster updated some of the formatting for me and I forgot to save it before overwriting with my latest waffle. Now though all the Monster Squad webstrips are hosted (even some that were not on the orininal Monster Squad website) and more are being developed.



Ed said...

I actually looked at some of these in the photobcuket account (cheeky, I know, but I needed a Monster Squad image and you were the only person I knew had the strips). There's a certain John Higgins-like quality to your work that I hadn't noticed before, as well as the obvious Ezquerra influences (and I'm a massive fan of both). Looking foward to seeing the completed strip.

Anonymous said...

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