Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday 28th January

Howdy folks!

This week I've finished the inks on the first page of By the book, and I've almost completely sorted the Lost Property collection. I'm just waiting on three strips and then it's all systems go!

I even managed to find the A5 card I wanted for the cover- I searched the on-line stores and the large stationery stores nearby to my home; nothing. I looked in at my local copy shop to collect my heavy duty stapler and they've got it on the shelf. Go figure!

I've got Mini-bolt working on a couple of pages of screen-tones for Tales of the Contrary, he wants to do them in colour but It's not a colour book. Hope to see great things, or at least something better than I can do.

I took Mini-bolt to see the Sunday night gig by the incredible Pop Will Eat Itself, and a wonderful time was had. I'd forgotten just how good they sound live. Hoping to be able to afford the Live CD in the next month or so.


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