Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday 5th November. Better late than never.

This week I have completed the first page of Johnny Upright for Andrew Bartlett (and I was really pleased with the result, I'm looking forward to seeing the completed ) and I've finished the pencils for page 2.

I've also started work on a quick piece for the 2konline website, in honour of King Trout. Should be a fun piece when completed.

Got a lot on at work at the moment, and the new management has resulted in the amount of sneaky pencil monkey activity reducing to absolute zero.

Daniel has completed the school strip he was working on, and it has gone down a treat.

As always, comments are more than welcome.


shane05 said...

Hey Bolt! Just how did Trout become king anyway? Sorry to hear about the man keeping you from your drawings. Management types just have no sense of priorites. Tell Mini-Bolt I said hey and to keep it up.

(accidently e-mailed this same message. sorry)

Bolt-01 said...

Hi There Shane, The trout became King when he announced himself so. It just stuck. It's actually more fun than a democracy, I think. We get to have wars amongst ourselves and other silliness.


Andrew Bartlett said...

Why not encourage Mini-Bolt to put together a small comic book that could be distributed over the Bristol weekend next year?