Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wdenesday 11th August 2004: Archive shot 1

Trawling through the Bolt archive looking for stuff that might be of interest.

As I find anything I'll put it up and try to write something interesting

First up is a character who was intended to be the lead in a space opera. All the characters would be anthropomorphical (I'm a big admirer of Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo) and the adventures would take place on a space ship travelling to fight in a distant war. I was hoping to be able to tell enough stories that by the time I got to the war you would care about the characters enough that when I killed them it would have real resonance; but I could never come up with enough stories to make it worth the beginning.

This character starts the series as a stowaway, and becomes integral to the plot (such as it was)


Iain Nixon said...

hmm, someone's been watching too much Bucky o'Hare :)

Andrew Bartlett said...

I do like the idea of that: take a group of characters on a 'road trip' journey, telling stories that build the characters into three-dimensional sympathetic individuals, and then kill them off in a terribly brutal fashion when they arrive.

I'd say - keep thinking up episodes until you have enough to make this go.