Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday 23rd August: Archive pieces 2

This piece has some history to it. Waaay back in the late '80's I was trying to get involved with drawing comics (again) when I noticed an ad for a title called Angel dust funnies that was looking for contributors. Unfortunately the title only lasted for about 5 issues before going the way of all things, but it allowed me to actually do a couple of strips.

The main character was a hero named NATHAN SPEED, and for the next few years I was haunted by the world he lived in. Eventually the strip evolved into the TOP SNAZZ COMICS project (must get round to posting the covers for that) which ran for six whol mini comics of its own before I couldn't carry on.

This piece was for a collection I did of the early drafts of the Nathan Speed stories, which if anybody wants a copy of I'll put in the post gladly.

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