Friday, March 05, 2010

Froday March 05

This was the entry for a comp that I joined in with Matt McLaughin on. We didn't win, but I had a blast drawing it.

Working list:

The Crusader: Spoonful of Honeywith Chris & Steve Denton.
5 pages pencilled, and page 6 started.

ABC Warriors: Mongrol- Blogging with David Withers & Mike Carroll

Completed this Week!

Walking Wounded 03 Lettering.
Death on the rock part 3. Art & Script arrived- Here we go!

Hi-Ex 03 Convention Programme
Deadline early March.
Nearly there….

FutureQuake 15
At The Printers!

FutureQuake 16
Strip Lettering: Bargain hunter- Awaiting Final Approval from full editorial.

Something Wicked 06

Dogbreath 22
Waiting for all sorts! Deadline 1st March.
Almost ready- And you will love the result!

Zarjaz 09
Waiting for all sorts! Deadline 1st March.
Soo close!

Average Joe Lettering for Insomnia Publishing.
Ongoing. This week lettered: 0 pages.
Unfortunately I can't really show anything from this yet- I don't have permission.

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