Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News & Sketches

Judge Dredd

Not done a proper update for a while, so here goes

Working on:
The Crusader for Massacre for Boys: I’m inking the last page as of today and seeing as I’ve been drawing this since May this year I’m going to be glad to see it finished. It has also opened my eyes as to what I can actually achieve these days. Not flippin’ much is the answer. I used to be able to do 3 pages (Full A3) in two weeks around my job & family, but not anymore.

Latest from FQP:

The new FQ (11) is almost ready. Just waiting on Neroy and a few bits for the inside cover, then it is good to go.

Something Wicked
A much more perilous publication. Some issues with artists are putting this issue into a bit of doubt. Which is a shame as I really like this title and think this issue would be a corker if it comes together as I want it to. The latest thing here is that the cover art is being coloured by the mighty Mini-Bolt.

DogBreath & Zarjaz
Dogbreath is coming together slowly and Zarjaz is almost ready. The cover has to be seen to be believed and once this issue is done I can reveal the news that… Ah, that ‘would’ be telling. Suffice to say- there has never been an issue of Zarjaz like the issue we have planned for issue 07.


The Fat Man sings...

Keege's Day off.

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