Friday, October 06, 2006

Jon & Gorath: 16

Available from the FQP shop, LOST PROPERTY 03. 36 pages of funnies and not-so-funnies by the tip-top talent of the UK Small press.


This is my entry on the 22000ad Messageboard comp this month.

Working on:
Zarjaz strip: Inking page one, with four more to go.
Dreddheads 04: All inked and waiting for the chance to get it toned & lettered

Latest from FQP:

Just waiting on one late strip before I sort the running order and get to press!

All filling up nicely now, with some late amendments being made.

Lost Property
See above for pimpery!

This week I received three pages commissioned by Dr Bob, and after some tweakery these will be sorted!



Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, did WarDog make it in?


Bolt-01 said...

Hi Phil- have you not had your copy yet? It was posted last week.

Wardog looks grand.

mick said...

I got mine! Lookin' good, as well!

Ed said...

I loved the artist that drew Wardog - for some reason, he reminded quite a bit of the work that Jose Ortiz did for Warren.

phil said...

Hi Dave, ain't had anything through the post yet. A few friends have asked for a copy so will be ordering them a few and will get to see it then.

Postman Pat musta wanted this one.