Friday, August 18, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: Crossover 04

This week I’ve been majorly busy trying to get all of Father Whiplash pencilled during a weeks leave. It is amazing how many ways there are to fill your day before you actually get round to drawing anything. However, I’ve managed it, and am now inking page 1.

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My entry for the latest 2000ad online comp. Colours courtesy of my longtime collaborator Richmond Clements

For those of you who read this and do not read message boards, we’ve been subject to a rather fudged up piece of work, which is resulting in yours truly doing a lot more work for nothing than he’d like to.

MangaQuake message board

Read from about half way down and on through. At the moment we are trying to sort out a deal that will let us spin this into something positive and try to improve the vetting process in future!



bou said...

hi Dave stranger !

tell me about the ways to fill the days without drawing problemo, nightmare ! i need a padded hermits cell badly. or a housekeeper & dogwalker & teen counsellor childminder.

Thats some bad shite with that manga crap eh ? un-be-lieve-able.

Bolt-01 said...

Hey Bou!

That Manga stuff just doesn't get any easier- it is becoming a real nightmare. Still, lessons learned and all that.