Friday, April 21, 2006

The Mighty Yammer: 38


First thing you might notice is the re-appearance of the Mighty Yammer, I’m almost 100% through with this guy, so hopefully I’ve timed this right and there will be a new episode here for the next 22 weeks.

Previously: Yammer is on the trail of a stolen military grade robot, which has ended up in the hands of an American Gangster. Also involved is Euro-thief N’il Point, who has just learned that the Yammer has been sighted. Now read on…

In other news: I love the corp is all finished with, and the majority of the pages have arrived for the next pair of FQP titles. Things are still fairly fluid, but as print deadline looms, that will change.


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Ed said...

I'll be interested to read this, as I read all the ones in your Photobucket account, and was dissapointed that I didn't find the ending.