Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whistler is back.

Image hosting by Photobucket The return of Whistler!

So far this is only in the planning stages, but I’ve finally got a storyline that holds together. Details are still a decent way off, but this time, Barnes will not be alone in his adventures.

One of the things that I’ve been thinking of is the working of the Dog-house. The strip has it set-up in a very undefined way, with it being little more than somewhere for the SD agents to hang around. This would not really be the way it worked. I imagine that a cut of each bounty was retained by the agency to fund the upkeep of the base, and that it would have quite a few staff involved in the upkeep and maintenance. Why would the doghouse not also have a ‘shop’ based armoury, where the agents would buy the ammo and equipment needed for the missions? That would be a solid way for the doghouse to gain funds and to stop the mutants from acquiring too much in the way of financial security. I finished the last story with Barnes taking up a post on the doghouse as a combat instructor. I open the first episode with him returning from a training run with a group of ‘puppies’ fresh to the doghouse.

Those accompanying Barnes are: ‘Smudge’ Williams (?) who has purple skin, ‘Fuzzy’ Frazer(?) who is possibly related to other overly hirsute Agents, ‘Elbows’ Adams who has massively elongated arms and one other I’ve yet to realise.

As before, these strips will appear on the 2000ad website before I put them out as a collected title for Dogbreath. At least, that is the plan. I may actually run all of these in Dogbreath if Dr bob carries on with the title.



bou said...

hey that looks like its goina be great Dave. too darned good for the message board.

i dunno how you find the time !

Richmond A Clements said...

Can't wait for this!

Ed said...

Publish it in Dogbreath first, then collect it (like Rainbow Orchid), and then get Clements to colour it and whack it up on the site.

Bolt-01 said...

Thanks for the kind words folks. I'm determined that when this does appear, it will be good.

Ed said...

Looking forward to it.