Friday, December 09, 2005

Jon & Gorath 13

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This week has been interesting. First there have been several bouts of illness in the Bolt-cave, with Nano-Bolt causing me to take an unusual day-off. That worked quite nicely as I managed to get the first page of Ghouls finished, save for some grey tones.

So I was therefore completely unprepared for what could be a major change in my programming- a different job! I have been offered a secondment in a different part of the place I work, and despite this being a temporary measure, it could well be the start of something more permanent. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, here is a pic from my archive that I was pleased to find.


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Ed said...

That Lobo looks familiar - was it in Top Snazz? Nice work anyway. You ever been tempted to try more stuff like this?