Friday, May 13, 2005

Jon & Gorath 04 & FutureQuake! launch

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This is the biggest week of the year so far. Saturday and sunday see the Bristol comic Expo happening, and the launch of what seems to be the largest amount of UK smallpress yet.

2000adreview's Small press round-up has a partial list of the titles available, but there are many that aren't on this list.

Lost Property and Tales of the contrary also launch this week.

If you are around, come say Hi.

This weeks Jon & Gorath was painted by my wife. She did the pic in watercolours over my original ink-lines. I'm thoroughly pleased with the result.

I've also begun work on a new batch of Yammer episodes. I'm hoping to reach the end of runaround robot soon, as I want to tell other stories about the hopeless hero.

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